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Date : 12-09-21 19:42
Resignation staff who was leakage of Core Technology
 Name : keseco
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   2012허4049 searching method of court and patent decision.pdf (215.2K) [176] DATE : 2012-09-21 20:25:37  [7835] [7613]
Notice from Keseco

1. Situation : Media (Broadcasting) reported (link: reported Jun, 3rd 2011)
2. Penal case: Secret investigation case, prosecution on Aug, 31 2012 (Seoul Central District Court 2012고단4687)

    - Charge :Violation of  unfairness competition prevention law and Protection of business secret
                  (leakage of business secret), dereliction of duty, pilferage, violation of trademark.

3. Patent nullity suit of patent court : Keseco win the case, Duple technology representative lose a case on Sep, 14th, 2012. (patent court 2012허4049)

    -Request: Patent registration of electric energy improvement device and produce method is invalidity

If you want to know specific situation, please get into the linked web site below and refer to attached instruction. after then please search case number mentioned above.